My Marlin 60 was the second firearm I was given as a teenager, and many years later it is the oldest working firearm I have in my collection. I painted it when I was young to cover up its already rough exterior and have been using it ever since. It is a squirrel hunting gun, a target gun – and one of my favorites. MCARBO is a company that I learned to trust and appreciate after using several of their products to improve my Kel-Tec Sub 2000, so I thought it would be worth investigating their Marlin 60 product offerings to hopefully breathe some new life into my trusty old .22 rifle.

The MCARBO Trigger Job Bundle consists of 14 different parts – all crucial to the function of the rifle.

  • Hammer Spring
  • Sear Spring
  • Trigger Return Spring
  • Set of 2 – Disconnector Springs
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum Trigger with pre-travel adjustment
  • Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring
  • Standard Velocity Recoil Spring
  • Set of 5 – E-clips
  • Synthetic Teflon Grease

The benefits of performing these upgrades on my decades-old rifle include reducing the trigger pull from approximately 5.75 pounds to a modified 3.75 pounds, replacing my worn recoil spring with a Hyper Velocity spring to prevent damage to the polymer buffer, a precision machined aluminum target trigger with adjustable pre-travel, and all backed by MCARBO’s 100% lifetime guarantee. MCARBO president, Chris Nelson, is a former Green Beret and he offers meticulous instructional videos to make sure to are successful and efficient with your upgrades. See below for the Marlin 60 Trigger Job Bundle video.

So aside from peace of mind in knowing that my worn-out parts are replaced with new MCARBO parts, how did the upgrades go? Performance exceeded my expectations. The trigger is light, crisp, and feels amazing. After taking it to the range to sight in and prepare for squirrel season it is actually fun to shoot again. It is still a workhorse but there is something exciting about pulling the trigger now. There is no way to accurately describe it with words, but with each trigger pull you can feel that all of the new springs and parts are working to their full potential.

Whether you have an old Marlin 60 or 795, check out the MCARBO trigger kits and with approximately $75 and 30-minutes of your time, you can have your old rifle performing above the level you thought it could be at.