Back in December, I had the opportunity to visit the Bremont Watches Boutique in NYC. Needless to say, I was impressed from the moment I stepped into the place. Everything from the gentleman who greeted us to the collection of watches. A common trend you’ll see with Bremont is their commitment to military aviation. Everything from the early Wright Brothers to modern day aircraft are seen in their designs.

Bremont Watches enters into a partnership with the Ministry of Defense

Recently Bremont entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Defense. Check it out!

We are proud to enter into a partnership with the Ministry of Defence honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces which marks the first time that civilians can purchase official Bremont Military timepieces. Consequently, Bremont have released a new military inspired range of watches incorporating the emblems of the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force.


Check out the Armed Forces Collection