Have a Blast Shooting

Bring back the fun of shooting with Firebird Targets pyrotechnic exploding targets.  Use them to improve marksmanship, provide instant hit recognition, for situational training and more – but don’t forget the fun.

Found at SHOT Show 2019

SHOT Show 2019 was fun and a bit overwhelming as usual with the plethora of products and companies.  Trying to see them all in a few days is more than a bit of a challenge.  Sometimes the accidental discoveries are the best.  I had no intention of looking for exploding targets (maybe that’s a problem too, hmm), but I came across Firebird Targets and loved the concept of their product and very much looked forward to getting my hands on them to try.

Mail Call

Fast forward a few months after SHOT and I was pleased to receive a care package from Firebird Targets, Firebird 65mm Targets in a slick little 10 pack packaging.  I didn’t remember the discs being quite so small and began to wonder if they were going to be any fun.  I wasn’t disappointed with them being fun.

The received care package was 10 65mm targets, MSRP $19.99.  Firebird Targets are not a Binary Target.  No mixing or prepping of the targets are necessary.  Simply peel the backing off the adhesive and stick it to your target.  Once attached, move back at least 10 meters (33 feet), be sure you have eye and ear protection on, and let it rip!

Range Time

I shot a little video of myself trying these targets out.  I completely intended on being quiet and serious for the video.  My attempt to be serious went right out the window as soon as I hit my first Firebird Target!  I found myself laughing, woo-hoo’ing, and smiling as soon as hits were made, what a blast!

Aside from the absolute fun you can have shooting these for about $2.00 a target, you could easily find many ways to use these in a formal and serious way.

One of the ways I look forward to using these in the future is for head-to-head competitions to make shooters push their speed and balance it with accuracy.  The first shooter to clear their plates has to hit the Firebird Target to finish it.

These targets would make a great addition to your skeet shooting as well.  Stick the disc to the underside of the clay pigeon and add a fireworks display to your hit.

Doing some long range shooting?  No spotter needed to know if you’ve hit the target, you’ll know when you hit it!

Firebird targets are a fun and effective way to improve your shooting.  Firebird Targets are not a Binary Target and do not contain Ammonium Nitrate.  Firebird Targets are considered a pyrotechnic device. You’ll never wonder again if you’ve hit the target with Firebird Targets.

Manufactured in Texas

Firebird launched in 2010 in the United Kingdom but is now exclusively manufactured in Texas.

Firebird Targets are available now at Defender Outdoors and select gun shows.

What Not to Do

Don’t attach with hammer, staples, etc. to attach.  Just use the adhesive.  Read and follow safety instructions on the package. Clear the area of dry items/flammable material. No smoking around them.  Check local fire conditions and comply with local ordinances. Don’t have open flames around Firebird Targets. Don’t use Firebird Targets indoors.  Stay back 10 meters (33 feet).

Have a Blast!