Flashback to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017. Two guys from the Loadout Room walk into a massive convention center in Salt Lake City for the first time. Once we pick up our credentials, Scott and I shuffle into the overwhelming mass of vendors, manufacturers, buyers and the like. One of our first memorable experiences is observing a gaggle of folks smoking an unknown substance through a unique copper pipe. We push past the commotion without much thought. By the end of the four-day convention, I receive an email from Outdoor Retailer announcing the Bripe (coffee brew pipe) as the winner of an innovation award. Our interest was peaked.

A perfectly brewed shot of Black Rifle Coffee

You have to understand that The Loadout Room always attends SHOT Show. A shooting sports convention we are very accustomed to. Outdoor Retailer, on the other hand, was a whole new experience for a pair of ground pounding Veterans in 2017. Way less testosterone and a generally friendlier crowd at OR. Manufacturers are more willing to sit down and chat over coffee in the morning and whiskey or beer in the afternoon. As veterans, we have an indelible appreciation for these beverages. But a good cup of morning brew has been my SOP for decades. In fact, my wife and I opened a drive-through espresso stand when we moved from Seattle to Michigan. Noticing a lack of caffeine in the Midwest

Bripe Video Review

Bripe Kit $85 Sale $59.99

The coffee brew pipe from Bripe is a very unique way to get that caffeine fix. The peculiar copper pipe is actually quite beautiful. As is the whole process. Albeit not the most convenient while at home. But it’s not designed for in-home use. It’s for the on-the-go or out in the wilderness brew. The $59.99 kit includes; a pipe, cooling stand, filter, thermometer, torch and coffee vile all fitting in a convenient case. Just add water and you have what’s needed for a strong kick-in-the-ass shot of coffee. The process of mixing the ingredients, heating, cooling and drinking is about 3-4 minutes realistically. So three and a half minutes longer than the average Keurig machine. But where is the fun in just pushing a button on a machine, right?