MoD is considering issuing all soldiers with new Urban Pattern (UP) clothing of various colors depending on environment troops are in :Brick, Stone or Pebble Dash clothing, kit and body armour.  ForcesTV reported in April.

The theater is changing and MOD has been forced to finally follow the changing needs of the troops.

Developed in secret with some of the UK’s biggest homebuilders and fashion houses, UP camo is designed to give British troops the advantage when fighting in built-up areas such as European towns and cities according to the report.

A source told Forces News that UP has already been successfully worn by troops training in urban warfare in London, Edinburgh and Slough.

‘Stone’ and ‘Pebble Dash’ have yet to be seen, a picture of ‘Brick’ has been leaked. It’s thought to have been taken at Greenland’s Camp on Salisbury Plain during 2016’s top secret Exercise Blue Steel.

From MOD: More Personal Equipment

The latest camouflage design (2010) was developed after extensive laboratory tests and field evaluations, which included aerial and scientific photography to provide the right colours and brightness for the new pattern.
Computer modelling was used to represent the deserts and mixed environments in Afghanistan. This multi-terrain pattern (MTP) has been phased in throughout all British Army corps and regiments based around the world and it replaces the previous Combat 95 uniform.
Clothing for operations – The Black Bag

Soldiers deploying on operations are given ‘The Black Bag’ of kit which contains such items as anti-microbial underpants, designed to be worn for days at a time, flame resistant clothing, for working inside vehicles, sleeping systems, load carrying equipment and the Osprey body armour. For a full list items included in The Black Bag download the document on the right.
Personal Clothing System

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Photo courtesy of British Army Forces TV