Knife maker TJ Schwarz is working with Brous Blades to launch the Icon, his first production knife collaboration. The sleek new knife features interesting ergonomic characteristics and is Schwarz’s first design to break away from the custom and mid-tech markets. Schwarz is also expanding in other avenues with plans to distribute unique knives and lifestyle goods through his own new product line.

Brous Blades Icon
A clever, layered construction keeps the weight of the 3.3-inch bladed Icon on the lighter side. Each inner handle slab consists of a progressively narrower steel liner which are topped off by the outer aluminum layer. “It’s a hybrid between an inlay and a scale,” Schwarz tells us. The difference in size between the layers actually enhances the grip. “It gives you a more three-dimensional feel in hand,” he says. Schwarz’s vision was a streamlined design and he borrowed from the stiletto profile. “I wanted it to have a lot of blade length for not a lot of knife,” he says.

Although the 23 year-old has no plans to abandon high-end blades, he tells us that the Icon is just the beginning and could open the door to other more affordable, production collaborations. Last time we checked in with Schwarz he had a lot of irons in the fire and he has only piled on more projects in the interim. “It is very exciting. This year is really the tipping point.” A final price for the Icon is still to be determined, but we can expect it to be more affordable than previous low-volume Schwarz designs like the Zenaida.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News