I’m knee deep in my Browe Inc Tactical Optic review and I came across an awesome offer on Browe Inc’s Facebook page and website. They are knocking off 500 bucks off select Browe Inc optics. This includes select models of the Combat Optic, the Tactical Optic, and the Sport Optic. Browe Inc optics are fixed power rifle combat optics reminiscent of ACOGs. Mr. Browe himself worked for Trijicon for some time and saw weaknesses in the ACOG’s design. In a story reminiscent of Eliphalet Remington, Mr. Browe figured he could make an optic better than what was currently on the market. So he did just that.

Save that Money

This 500 dollar discount applies to the Tactical Optic I’m currently reviewing in the 7.62 x 39 configuration. You can also snag an FDE model and configurations in both 5.56 and 7.62×51. This reduces the Tactical Optic’s price to $895.


The Combat Optic is almost identical to the Tactical Optic, but the Combat Optic has a swappable mount. The BTO has a fixed QD mount. The discount on the Combat Optic brings it to $940.


The Sport Optic is the simplest model and is designed specifically around the AR platform. It uses a Rechargeable Illumination Technology (RIT) that allows you to charge the optic’s illuminated reticle from any light source. The discount knocks this optic down to $835.

My Experience (So Far)

The Browe Inc Tactical optic has been absolutely outstanding so far. Lots of lead downrange and in close to medium ranges it kicks ass. What about long range? Well, that’s why I haven’t finished the review. I need to get some time at 300 yards and beyond to wrap the review up. I will say the Target Light Sensor Technology is my favorite feature of any optic ever.

This steep discount won’t last for long, and they don’t often come around for optic’s in this class. Is it better than an ACOG? Well as of now, in my opinion, yes. I love the ACOG, and used one heavily as a Marine. If you were sending me back to Afghanland and offered me the ACOG or the Browe BTO, I’d take the Browe. Hands down.

Taking 500 bucks off one (aka 5 Hi Points) is one helluva discount.

Photos courtesy of Browe.