November 1, 2017 – Bonner, Mont (USA) –  Planetary Design launches the new, patent-pending Brü-Stop™ French press technology.  This innovation solves two of the main challenges of French pressed coffee: preventing an “over-brewed” taste caused by over-extraction, and keeping grounds out of your coffee.

The Brü-Stop™ press features a precisely placed barrier plate that hovers over the French press screen.  It allows the brewed coffee (or tea) to freely flow until it is fully pressed down. Then the plate recesses into the ultra-fine mesh screen frame and creates a physical barrier between the grounds and brewed coffee. This halts the brewing process and prevents coffee from becoming over-extracted, and bitter – no matter how long you let the coffee stay in the French Press brew pot or mug.

The new Brü-Stop™ technology will be available in all Planetary Design stainless steel multi- and single-serve French press products beginning November 1st, 2017. This includes all Table Top French Presses in 48, 32 & 20 oz sizes, the 20 oz Desk Press, the newly designed 16 oz Double Shot 3.0 (coming January 2018) and the all-new 20 oz. Steel Toe press (coming December 2017). The Brü-Stop™ components are compatible with existing French press parts, and consumers can easily upgrade their current Planetary Design French press products to the new Brü-Stop™ by purchasing a conversion kit.

Planetary Design is proud to also offer a complete line of top-selling Airscape® coffee and food storage containers, in addition to their quality French presses, press mugs and drinkware.  Made of stainless steel, glass and plastic, the Airscape® containers feature a patented inner lid that eliminates excess oxygen within the storage container, maintaining ultimate freshness for longer than traditional “airtight” containers, and keeps what’s good today, good tomorrow too.

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