Courtesy of Tactical Life

B&T USA—the American subsidiary of Switzerland-based B&T AG—has announced that its SPR300 (Special Purpose Rifle) is now available for law enforcement and commercial customers in the United States.

Built for maximum accuracy up to 165 yards, the SPR300 has a 9.8-inch barrel and is chambered for both .300 Whisper and .300 BLK. It comes with a folding fully adjustable stock; extended top rail; quick detachable bipod; and an integrated suppressor that reduces subsonic noise to 121dB with no flash. Best of all, the suppressor can be removed from the barrel and reinstalled without losing zero.

A unique feature of the SPR300 is that it can be broken down and carried in a small Discreet Carry bag included with the rifle. The bag fits the rifle, stock, suppressor, bipod, optic and two 10-round magazines, not to mention additional pistol grip modules, a quick detachable sling and a cleaning kit. All of this is included with the SPR300, except for the optic. The rifle can be broken down and reassembled quickly with no change in point of impact, the press release says.

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Photo courtesy of B&T USA