Pounding a protein shake after your workout is as American as apple pie, but just because something’s a tradition doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up a little. As opposed to the whey protein I grew up on, I recently made the change to Bubs Naturals Collagen Protein–a shift more and more people seem to be making in the fitness and health oriented worlds. In fact, full disclosure here, the real reason I even started considering trying out a collagen protein was because my mom, a registered nurse with 30+ years in her field working as a caregiver and teacher, added it to her own morning ritual.

Advice is rad and all, but when I see people with expertise I respect doing something new, that gets my attention a lot quicker than any well-intentioned lecture about the recovery benefits of collagen protein.

After showing you guys how I manage to get my blood pumping before a workout last time, it seemed only fitting that I show you what I use post-workout to help get on the road to recovery: Bubs Naturals and the SmartShake Shaker.

There’s no such thing as a protein shake you savor and anyone that tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you something, bub Bubs unflavored protein does a great job of hiding in plain sight while you flavor up your beverage with whatever you like (I usually use a bit of MiO Liquid Water Enhancer). Honestly, if you pound your protein shakes like I do, you can even get away with just going with the unflavored protein alone–it’s not bad at all.

Want to get your post-workout going just like mine? Here are some deals on what I use:

And a special thanks to Leatherneck For Life for providing the awesome “Embrace the Suck” shirt shown in this video!