Buck continues to grow its high-value made in the USA models with the introduction of the Rival series. According to the Post Falls, Idaho company, they are able to offer the knives at a low price by investing in a modern manufacturing process capable of producing a high volume of knives each day.

The Rival series, which consists of a small and large model, rank among the least expensive knives Buck produces in the States. The Rival II, which has a 3.125-inch blade and weighs 2.1 oz., will run you $19.99, and the 2.75-inch bladed 1.4 oz. Rival I just $16.99.

Designing and producing a US-made knife for the budget-conscious buyer presents obvious challenges. Justen Bock, New Product & Engineering Manager at Buck, tells us that bringing the Rival out for under $20 was only possible through careful planning. Essential hardware needed to be in place before the project could begin. “We have made significant investments in tooling for all components of this knife.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News