The Ultimate Escape Pod

I obsessed over “escape pods” as a kid.

Inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek and Batman, every Lego spaceship required a mini craft that could detach and sail away when the main craft, inevitably, faced destruction.

Not that prepping for a bug-out is anything like a childhood Lego project. (Well. Okay. It’s a little like that.)


I think of bugging-out or bugging-home in two layers: my automobile and my escape pod. The escape pod, I believe, cannot be overlooked — there are too many scenarios where my primary vehicle might be rendered inoperable (EMP, traffic jams, or gas issues.) In a nutshell, it’s paramount to perfect your plan to bug-out on foot.

Being a Gear Head, and being surrounded by the Gear Heads of ReadyMan and Black Rifle Coffee Company, I live in an eternal milieu of gear ideas that deliver on bolstering survival. Figuring out the ideal backpacking “escape pod” has become a team obsession, especially snaring Evan Hafer and I.

A year ago, I challenged three of our special forces veterans, Jeff Kirkham (Green Beret), Evan Hafer (Green Beret) and Chad Wade (Navy SEAL), to bug-out from Salt Lake to our bug-out farm sixty-five miles away — in the dead of night, in the middle of winter and without motorized vehicles. We’ve yet to edit the footage — but I’ll tell you that it’s revolutionary.

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Images courtesy of ReadyMan