Fresh off the heels of ITS Muster IV, I’ve taken some of what I learned on building a Bolt Bag and applied it to my home “Bolt Bag,” which generally speaking, I always have with me. A Bolt Bag contains mission essential equipment that you’d never want to be without, no matter what your “mission” happens to be.

At home, such a bag might be less useful than when away from home, since you would generally have access to everything you have at home. However, if your house were to catch on fire, aside from making sure your loved ones (including, in my case, my wife and my awesome-but-slightly-crazy dog) are safe, a Bolt Bag would provide an easy to grab kit to utilize until you can find a safe place to start thinking more long-term.

Building a Bolt Bag: Being Prepared to Go At Any Moment

When away from home, your Bolt Bag can provide you with things you may need in order to get home safely; medical supplies, a means of containing water, survival tools, methods to communicate or signal for help and anything else you might want to keep around you all the time. This can be a small backpack-sized kit, or an even smaller bag you can grab from a larger bag if you’re traveling with a larger loadout.

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