A typical bulletproof vest customer needs protection for their job.  But how can they afford protection, when they haven’t started working yet?  BulletSafe has a new solution for people like armored car drivers, security guards, and police officers.  “Our customers are often short on cash, but they need a vest quickly.  We protect a lot of people with dangerous jobs that don’t make a lot of money.  Now we have a smart and safe way to get our Bulletproof Vest today, while paying for it over the next six weeks.” says company President Tom Nardone.  The service is called Sezzle and it works really well.

Customers who sign up for Sezzle pay 25% down and their vest is shipped.  Then they pay 25% after 2 weeks, 25% after 4 weeks, and 25% after 6 weeks.  There is no additional fee to BulletSafe customers and no interest.  BulletSafe pays a little bit to make it all happen, but the customers do not. Customers can make the payments with a credit card, a debit card, or have the money withdrawn from their bank account.

“Here at BulletSafe we think it is important to keep our customers safe. We have always offered to keep them safe from bullets, now we are keeping their finances safe as well by working with a straightforward, honest method of paying over time.”  Compared to other buy-now/pay-later methods Sezzle offers the lowest fees and the least likelihood of falling into a credit trap.  Lots of people need protection, but not everyone has a lot of financial horsepower.  That’s why BulletSafe is offering Sezzle as a new, flexible way to pay for protective equipment.

Coupon Code: “Sezzle”