It’s interesting how big a part music plays in our daily lives. Often times, a certain song will evoke a particular mood, or rekindle a specific memory. For me, songs can even taste a certain way. We’ve all eaten at restaurants with ambiance music playing in the background. What’s crazy is that I’ve found myself craving that very food the next time I hear the same music. The human subconscious is a mysterious and powerful tool. Another powerful tool is the Bullfrog BF200 Music System from Kicker. More powerful than your ordinary portable speaker.

Kicker is well known for their automotive and marine speakers and subwoofers. Since 1973, the brand has been producing some kick-ass mobile audio products for customers looking for clean power and style. Their no-nonsense philosophy has spilled over into their Lifestyles product line. The Bullfrog series from Kicker is a new ruggedized portable speaker/charging station that packs a lot of power into a compact package. Offered in three different sizes, (BF100, BF200 & BF400) the Bullfrog line has you covered for whatever your outdoor audio needs.

As a General Contractor, I like to have either tunes or SOFREP Radio playing on the job site all day. With such a noisy environment, it takes a powerful speaker to overcome the compressors, nail guns, equipment, etc. Kickers BF200 is proving to be just what I need. Featuring a 20 watt amplifier and drivers on both sides of the speaker, the BF200 provides a rich sound in all directions. Additionally, the rubberized exterior and IP66 rating provide protection from harsh conditions (seen below). Also of interest is the 100 foot bluetooth range. This is a huge improvement over my Rigid job-site radio that the BF200 replaced. I now have the freedom to move around the job site without loosing my connection.

IP66 Rating at work in the wet snow

Offering multiple inputs and a charging output, the BF200 is a very versatile speaker. Not only is it a bluetooth speaker, but it features a built-in FM tuner for local stations as well as an AUX input for wired connections. And should your phone be running low on juice, a USB output can be found on the side panel to top it off. Rated for 20 hours of run time, the BF200 should provide at least a couple of days of listening at work. However, I’ve been hard pressed to achieve this length of run time. One possible reason for the reduced battery life is the colder temperatures I’m currently operating in.

Available for download is the Kicker Connect app for both iPhone and android devices. This allows users to preset 6 FM stations, change inputs between bluetooth, FM and AUX. It also features a 5 band equalizer, volume control, battery status and more. And if you own more than one Bullfrog speaker, wirelessly connecting them together is made simple through DoubleKICK Connect™. Finally, a threaded base on the bottom of the speaker allows mounting to any standard photo tripod. So far, the BF200 from Kicker has been a popular addition to my work space. And it’s just the right size to fit in the bottom of my Yeti Loadout bucket.


BF200 specifications courtesy of

  • IP Rating:  IP66
  • Bluetooth range:  100 feet
  • Battery life:  20 hours
  • 360 degree sound:  Yes
  • FM tuner: US and EU
  • DoubleKICK:  Yes
  • USB output:  Yes
  • AUX input:  Yes
  • App available:  Kicker Connect App
  • DoubleKICK range:  30 feet
  • Weight:  5.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  9″ x 5.5″ x 6.7″
  • Drivers: Two 2.75″ drivers & two 2.75″ passive radiators
  • Charge time:  2.5 hours
  • Battery size:  11.4v, 3100 mAh, 3-cell Li-ion
  • Battery indicator:  5 lights
  • MSRP:  $299.99