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When some people see the XM42, they immediately think, “WANT!”

Others might think or cry out, “Why?!” But those who think that are usually the type who don’t understand why you would need an AR, why you would own more than one gun or why you would want a totally awesome flamethrower from an American company.

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The handheld XM42 was conceived by American dreamers at the Ion Productions Team. It is the world’s first commercially available flamethrower. And quite frankly, this thing is badass. It melts ice, starts bonfires, eliminates weeds with extreme prejudice, can perform controlled burns (not suggested in urban environments) and light your friend’s cigar (also not recommended).

This is a great representation of what American freedom is. If you’re still asking yourself “Why?” and just don’t get it, maybe you would be better served if you took up quilting and started a cat collection.

Can I own the XM42?

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Photo courtesy of The Ion Productions Team