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Photo courtesy of Dave Bahde

Optics companies continue to refine and improve rifle scopes with the 1-6 power scope growing in popularity. It’s about perfect for 90 percent of what you can do with a carbine. Once 3-gun really took off the 1-6 power scope followed closely behind. Just enough power to get out to most carbines range, yet a true one power for closer work. Most fit perfectly an AR, or any carbine with a rail.  Burris is offering the RT-6 this year, maybe the best buy on the market in this power range.

The Complete RT-6 Package

Sending a few rounds down range at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, this little scope was pretty impressive. — clear glass, very compact and light with a fast reticle. Buy the scope alone and it’s under $500 retail. Add the Fast Fire III RDS and PEPR mount and you are still at just more than $600.

Burris sent me the complete package for testing and it was a blast to run. A true one power makes it useful at close range. At full power it provides plenty of magnification out to 600 yards.

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