Nobody likes to pick up brass, but if you reload or shoot at a range that requires it, it’s a necessity. The Caldwell AR Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher takes the pain out of collecting brass while allowing you to move and shoot unhindered.

This new model from Caldwell mounts securely to an AR-15 or AR-10 rifle using a Picatinny rail system with a quick-detach anodized-aluminum clamp. It is easy to install, secure, and remove. You won’t even know it’s there until it is time to clean up.

As a very new Green Beret, my team was on a joint training exercise with a SEAL platoon. When it came time to pick up brass, the SEALS explained that due to the nature of maritime operations, brass was frequently lost in the water, so they were not required to turn it in.  The Army supply system, however, made us accountable for brass and dunnage (ammo cans, etc). That was my first indication of just how smart SEALS were. Tanning time is a story for another article.


There are a lot of reasons people use brass catchers. Working inside vehicles and aircraft can make flying brass irritating, if not downright dangerous. I especially hate to pick up .22 brass, and this rig is perfect for my dedicated .22 AR. Reloaders find that keeping brass out of the dirt makes cleanup easier. Guys running .300 Blackout don’t want to lose that spendy brass.

The Caldwell Rail Brass Catcher has a clamp and wire frame which is adjustable; it will work with a wide variety of rail/optic configurations on AR-10 or AR-15 rifles. The quick detent locking attachment allows for quick installation and removal of the brass catcher. This is handy if you need to fix a stoppage or clear the rifle.

The heat-resistant mesh bag holds 100 rounds of.223 before you have to empty it. There is a large zipper at the bottom of the bag, making emptying simple.


The Picatinny rail adaptor takes up minimal space. You can easily switch it between guns or buy extras and leave them mounted so you can shift the bag from gun to gun. You can see the back side of the adaptor just behind the scope mount in the photo below.



  • Mounts to any AR-15 rifle with a flat top or Picatinny rail hand guard.
  • Compatible with most AR-10/LR-308 models.
  • Ideal for reloaders—no more lost brass, and it never hits the ground.
  • Fully adjustable, mounts virtually anywhere on a Picatinny rail.
  • Quick two-piece system with detent locking.
  • Prevents hot brass from landing on shooter.
  • Heat resistant mesh won’t melt.

I have used a few brass catchers over the years. The cheap gun-show models interfere with the function of the rifle. The stand-alone models tie you to a fixed position. This Caldwell brass catcher is very well thought out. You can shoot your drills and catch your brass. The only limitation is the weight of the bag. If you put much more than 50 rounds in it, you will feel the weight shift. That said, being able to shoot and move without spreading brass across a muddy field is priceless.

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