Caldwell has been providing simple and effective solutions for all sorts of shooter’s needs.  From targets to rests, cleaning supplies to storage solutions.  You’ve seen us use their Stinger Rest in rifle reviews.  For us a challenge has always been to spot hits at longer ranges.

Of course a $1,000 spotting scope on an expensive tripod can do the job with some scanning, but that’s only quick if you’ve already got an eye glued to the scope.  We’ve been looking for a better solution, especially after buying a spotting scope that proved to be less clear than our rifle scopes!

We were given the opportunity to try out the Ballistic Precision Target Camera from Caldwell and haven’t taken a spotting scope with us since.  We call it “target cam” for short, but the idea is simple and brilliant.  A 720p camera with a wireless router is set up near the target on the included tripod.  A second included tripod holds a wireless repeater near the shooter.  With a free app most any smart phone or tablet can view the live feed.  The app also includes the ability to record, take photos, and even measure groupings!

The whole kit packs neatly into the included case with cut foam for safe traveling.  We bought an out-of-date tablet and can now easily see our groupings at a glance.  You can see more about this systems on the product website.  Don’t worry about that MSRP.  With some smart shopping they can easily be found for less than the cost of most quality rifle scopes!

The Caldwell Ballistic Precision Target Camera can be seen in action in the short video below.

Featured image courtesy of Caldwell.  Get yours here.