The SPD Field Kitchen Knife Set is a portable kitchen cutlery set ideally suited for those who take pride in food prep in the field. This handcrafted set includes a 6″ chef’s knife, 4″ paring, and a self-contained carry case which folds out as a cutting board The knife handles and carry case-cutting board feature aged recycled American maple hardwood.
Meals served in the wilderness are some of the best you will ever taste and the extra care taken in their prep require the field kitchen tools commensurate with the task. The 6″ chef knife tackles most of your general camp kitchen cutting tasks and the 4″ paring for the more fine and delicate chores. If you take pride in your cooking, the overland rig you’ve built up and modded, as well as the rest of your field equipment, the SPD Field Kitchen Knife Set is on par with your carefully considered loadout and capable yet refined tastes.