NVGs: Can you justify it?

You’ve seen them around. You’ve seen the infamous “green-eyed” image. Then you ask yourself: Is night vision for my weapon (or any other related task) a realistic expense for me? Honest answer, only you know.

Night vision on a defensive weapon system is completely subjective. For the average prepper this might even be a distant dream. Cost always being the number one issue to overcome. Which one to buy? Which “Generation”? Head mount or mounted to the gun? Well, let’s examine where you are in your preps and where you see yourself in the grand scheme of things.

Quality night visions can be had relatively inexpensively. From any one of various online suppliers to gun shows to even eBay and amazon.

Typically for a weapon mounted system, I’d say the tried and true PVS-14 like the one shown here, Gen 3 or better. Solid balance of features vs cost.

Head mount, weapon mount or standalone…the PVS-14 is going to meet your needs. Is that the only choice? NO. But it’s one of the best.

What are your needs? Why would you mount night vision to a weapon system? There are indeed several angles to see this from. The actuation of a weapon light may not always be the best option when low/no light scenarios play out. The ability to see when others cannot need not be explained in detail. Hunting in a grid-down situation could make vastly easier using infrared.

Threat identification and maintaining stealth also cannot be overstated. The ability to dismount the sight and use it in “standalone” mode is also, in my honest opinion, critical. In complete, 100% darkness, modern night vision are equipped with a device called an “IR illuminators”. Essentially a built-in infrared flashlight. No light? No problem.

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