While we were only 2 Canadian OMLT soldiers in our combat outpost (COP), we came under fire from Taliban PKM and GP-25. The US Army Kiowas were nice enough to come in and support us – they actually changed their flightplan to come in and help us. While they went refueling at FOB Ramrod in the Maywand district, two more Kiowas came in to keep the pressure. My friend Eric was on the roof giving me direction while I was on the radio talking with Shamus Callsign from the 82nd CAB.

The Canadian OMLT had teams between 4 to 8 Canadian soldiers whose job was to mentor and assist the Afghan National Army. The NATO website defines OMLT as: “OMLTs provide training and mentoring to the ANA. They also serve as a liaison capability between ANA and ISAF forces, co-ordinating the planning of operations and ensuring that the ANA units receive necessary enabling support (including close air
support, casualty and medical evacuation).”

After a few minutes, the Taliban fire became sporadic but we kept seeing them in the field in front of us. So we made sure they went silent with the help of the Kiowas!

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-Video courtesy of my personal library.