The Canik TP9SA is not the typical pistol you would normally see on BTS.  It is what is easily considered a low budget pistol.  Now admittedly I was not super enthused about the Canik. Thankful for the opportunity if still a little underwhelmed. It is a Turkish made, probably reverse engineered, Walther P99.  The SA is considered a single action striker fired weapon.  The original TP9V2, from which this gun gets it form, is a traditional DA/SA.  At the time of this article Canik has planned or introduced the SF, single action without the decocker found on the SA, and the SFx, single action, long slide competition oriented model.  After handling and shooting the TP9SA I am quite happy to report that my lack of enthusiasm was not warranted.


During one of our video sessions with the gun I dumped an entire mag point shooting.  While it wasn’t my greatest display of accuracy it provided some really critical information.  This gun is actually very easy to shoot. The Canik points well.  The grip has plenty of texture and even my large hands had plenty of purchase on the frame.  The gun has very controllable recoil, directly comparable to a Glock 17.  I was impressed with the trigger feel.  I would say it is as good if not better than guns at twice the price.  Two accuracy test were performed firing 5 rounds at approximately 10 yards off hand.  Groups measured in at 3 inches and 2 inches.  There were indications that the mechanical accuracy of the gun was capable of smaller groups.

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