LONG BEACH, California – New for fall, the Sarcina Rally Pack from Cannae Pro Gear brings together outdoor adventure with military-minded toughness and utility. Sarcina combines a classic top-loader hiking pack with the modularity and focused utility of a Cordura tactical pack. Whether it’s your escape-to-the-woods pack, your daily laptop pack or a combination of the two, the Sarcina is more rugged and modular than a typical light hiking pack, with the wealth of organization features and attention to detail that’s unique to the tactical design ethos, where seconds count and lives depend on careful preparation. “Sarcina offers the functionality of a tactical pack without the overwhelming look of some other packs out there,” said Company Centurion Kent Ogden. “It’s burly and versatile without screaming ‘hey look at me, you should be scared.’”

The Sarcina takes its name from the marching pack carried by Roman legionaries after the Marian Reforms, allowing them to move freely, unencumbered by the large baggage train previously used to haul their gear. While some grumbled about humping their own gear, the packs made their carriers more efficient, nimble and capable. Cannae’s Sarcina pack offers the capacity, durability and features that modern users need to be self-sufficient and prepared for travel, outdoor adventure or the daily grind.

Sarcina is easily customized with additional pouches and accessories using the pack’s MOLLE webbing system – MOLLE is a gear carrying system with military origins designed to enhance modularity through the use of a standardized webbing system. Wishing for an additional compartment for camp cooking essentials? Looking for easy access to a multi-tool without stuffing it in a front pocket? MOLLE fields offer unlimited versatility when combined with Cannae’s assortment of specialty pouches.

Additional fixation points along the outside of the lid and bottom carry straps are used to lash on camping gear and other bulky items. Sarcina’s massive 34-liter body is accessed by the wide-opening top lid and additionally through a lower side zip for
easy retrieval of items stored in the bottom half of the pack bag. Behind the main pack bag is a side-access, padded laptop sleeve. Behind the laptop sleeve is an additional padded compartment with lockable zippers and a hook- and-loop-compatible interior.

Available in Sage Green and Black, the Sarcina Rally Pack is constructed from 500D Cordura with Duraflex buckles and YKK zippers. MSRP is $160.

A strategic masterpiece with a legacy that lives on to this day, the Battle of Cannae (216 BC) is widely known as the greatest military victory of antiquity. Through superior preparation and maneuverability, a vastly outnumbered Carthaginian army was able to flank, encircle and defeat a seemingly invincible Roman force. Cannae Pro Gear is inspired by that spirit of preparedness and cunning, battle ready to face impossible odds and uniquely adapted to the rigors of everyday life.