As a purveyor of gun-things-different the Caracal pistol had my attention.  What I didn’t know was that the Caracal Model F had actually been in development since 2002, and had already made a brief appearance in the United States while I was over in Afghanistan (2005).  The original model had to make a hasty retreat and what caught my eye was a renovation.  More than a year after the desert cat with pointy ears caught my eye the sleek design would finally be in my hands.

Perhaps the most striking feature is the “Quick Sight System” which is similar to the “guttersnipe” system.  The concept is that the sights are quicker to acquire and lead the shooter to something between point shooting and traditionally aimed shots.  Those afraid of new things can breathe, traditionally-sighted models are also available.  The Limited Edition model that I got my hands on is built on a frame from Caracal International topped with a US slide.  Future guns will be 100% American-made.

Watch: First Look Caracal Limited Edition Enhanced Model F
Low slide profile of the Caracal Enhanced F


Another striking feature was the perceptively high purchase that the gun affords.  The shooter’s hand is tucked up and under the slide much higher than is typical.  Could this be the first time a “low bore axis” actually exists?  I’ve heard that phrase so many times I readily dismiss it. I dare believe the Enhanced model F may be first time it’s actually true.  We’ll have to get it out to the range to tell, but just in handling the gun it feels uniquely low.  Full specifications can be seen below as taken from Caracal USA’s website.

Slide Length 7″
Barrel Length 4″
Height 5-5/16″
Width 1-3/32″
Weight 1 lbs. 12 oz.
Caliber 9 x 19mm NATO
Magazine Capacaity 10 / 18
Grip Frame Polymer
Trigger System Short Double Action
Trigger Pull (constant) ~4lbs. 5oz. to 6lbs. 5oz.
Trigger Travel (Constant) ~5/16”
Internal Safety (drop and firing pin) 2
Loaded Chamber Indicator 1
Magazine Catch Ambidextrous