Sometimes the right knife for the right occasion requires a little elegance and style depending on the environment. After spending many years in an office environment, I came to learn that not everyone appreciates you breaking out your Emerson CQC-7 to open a box or letter. That is not to say I didn’t still carry a more aggressive folder, it just means that I chose to start carrying a smaller backup blade for more routine tasks while not sacrificing durability and function. Cold Steel’s Lucky pocket knife is an excellent choice if you’re wanting a more-refined pocketknife as a backup – although it can certainly stand on its own as a primary knife depending on the intended use.

Carbon fiber and steel: Cold Steel Lucky twin blade pocket knife

The Lucky features two blades — a plain edge and a serrated edge. It is light, strong, and it looks great. The term “gentlemen’s folder” comes to mind, but with a very modern twist due to the two-tone polished carbon fiber handle scales. The overall weight is only 1.2 ounces so it is easy to forget if you want it to be. The steel used on this knife is CPM-S35VN and comes with a great factory edge. Very sharp right out of the box unlike many knives from other companies that advertise as such in this price range (MSRP $129.99).

Carbon fiber and steel: Cold Steel Lucky twin blade pocket knife

Both blades are 1.5mm thick and are 2 5/8 inches in length. Overall when both blades are unfolded the knife is 8 1/2 inches in length. The handle alone is 3 1/4 inches long and features a stainless steel pocket/belt clip that is removable although I found it does not get in the way or disrupt the grip. Each blade is easy to open with the right amount of resistance. While there isn’t a locking mechanism, the blades feel secure in the semi-open ninety-degree position and the fully open 180-degree position — secure enough for me to be comfortable with cutting and light hacking.

Cold Steel is a California-based company but the indication on the blade is that the Lucky is made in Italy. All edges and joints are very clean and precise with no ugly gaps. This is a very visually appealing knife and in my own testing the edge held up well to common use. If you’re looking for a traditional folder with a modern twist, the Lucky is a solid choice. It has the benefits of being light, discreet, and stylish. Cold Steel also offers this model with a single blade (plain edge) if that is more your style.

*All photos courtesy of the author