• Cost​​ $135-175.00: This is about the same as a Camelback Motherlode but much better.
• Value for money​​: The pack is bombproof and will serve you for years to come – 4/5
• Ease of use​​​: The extra features of this pack make it incredibly easy to use. Clamshell opening, antenna ports, what more do you need? – 4/5
• Construction​​: Agilite lives up to their reputation for quality. Battle tested before it hit the shelf – 4/5
Carry The Load With The Agilite AMAP 2 Daysack
Small daysacks are all the rage in the teeth arms these days. With the advent of the fight light concept, the powers that be realized that carrying up to 65kg whilst advancing to contact wasn’t really a great idea. Fancy that?
So the weight is going down and the bare essentials are to be carried. Who needs a bloody great big daysack? As the old age saying goes, “bullet, bombs, comms and water are all you need to prolong the slaughter”.
Carry The Load With The Agilite AMAP 2 Daysack
So as I’ve purchased Agilite kit before, their site was one of the first places I checked out. I had a few set pieces of criteria whilst I chose.
*No more than 25 liters
*Antenna and hydration ports
*Can’t take up much room in a vehicle

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