(Article originally published on The Truth About Guns by Josh Wayner)

Suggestions are about the same thing as opinions. I find that the majority of people mean well, but the main issue is that they’re telling you what works for them, which is invariably a conclusion that was reached after much trial and error. Or a healthy amount of stubbornness. Or both.

In my last article, I detailed the results of a little survey I did that focused on individuals with a physical disability who carry a firearm…or not in some cases. That group of 100 people offered many valid points to consider and I’ll detail them and my opinions on the matter here.

There are lots of good products out there for those of us who suffer from anything ranging from chronic pain to a permanent disability. A few guns were particularly popular among the sample group I talked to and each has particular advantages and potential hang-ups.

As I detailed earlier, weight and size are a huge factor in the regularity of carry. Don’t laugh this off as common sense. Lack of common sense is a disability all by itself and can cloud rational thinking. This seems particularly true in the gun culture, leading to decisions that can result in liabilities.

Hand-in-hand with choosing a gun is the choice of caliber and, by default, the choice of ammunition. This can be a big point of contention, but I’ve got all the bases covered here. For those who find it difficult to look past a 1911, I have what is possibly the best production compact available as of this writing.

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