While putting my new home office together I wanted to do something different with one of my spare .50 cal ammo cans. Something different from just sitting it on my desk full of ammo. Not too long ago I remember seeing a photo of someone who repurposed a .50 cal ammo can as a watch case using that foam we see in hard cased gun cases. That got the wheels turning in my head and I figured I would turn my .50 cal ammo can into a home for my Glock 17, spare mags and some other tools of the trade. Combine that with the bad-ass stickers on the outside and it’s sure to make an impression when the boys come over to try to date my daughter.

I did some searching online to find foam inserts for a .50 cal ammo can and came across a company called Case Club. Case Club makes ammo can pistol foam inserts for both .50 cal and .30 cal ammo cans. Perfect!

The foam inserts come pre-cut for 2 pistols and 4 magazines. Also included is a small section of foam to attach to the inside of the lid to keep everything protected when the can is shut and secured.

Currently, in mine, I’m only storing my Glock 17, 3 spare mags, Neomag, Olight M-18 flashlight and Tenicor holster.

Case Club: Turn your 50 cal ammo can into a 2 pistol case

If you have a spare ammo can sitting around, this is a great way to repurpose them and create some unique home decor.