I’ve worn the Casio DW-6900 watch for many, many years. I first bought the watch during my enlistment in the Marine Corps back in the mid-1990’s at the PX on Camp Lejeune. The watch has been through more field exercises than I can remember and several deployments. The only thing I ever had to do was replace the battery. I have subjected the Casio G-SHOCK DW-6900 to numerous austere environments around the world. Everything from the Negev Desert in Israel, to the jungles of Okinawa Japan and mountains of South Korea (to name a few). Never once did it fail me.

The Casio DW-6900 holds up extremely well in maritime environments too. I’ve personally had mine in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, numerous freshwater locations and rain storms. Never once was the watch compromised due to moisture or submersion.

I can confidently say this is the toughest watch I’ve ever owned. When I need a watch that will without a doubt perform in all conditions without worry I reach for the Casio G-SHOCK DW-6900.

The watch is still available today for good reason. It has stood the test of time.

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