Gatorz, man, Gatorz. When talking about Gatorz Eyewear, its kind of the best of both worlds. Durability and performance are all I ask for when I’m looking at shades, and Gatorz definitely packs that 1-2 combo. I hate not having a good pair of shades on and honestly, I never knew Gatorz would soon become a part of my work kit over my Oakley’s but they did from my first pair of Black Magnum’s (you can read why I switched from Oakley’s to Gatorz here). First Spear plate carrier, Altama Maritime Assault Shoes, Mags, Weapons, Flash Crashes… and Gatorz. They are literally part of my checklist.

Cerakoted Gatorz Magnum's: Durability and Performance
Listening to the guys talk gun fighting tactic’s. This is the ‘Frankenstein’ rifle I had Travis at Tacticool Firearms in Virginia put together for me awhile back. It throws people off for sure because it looks like junk. (Now its painted all tan)

I wanted to get my hands on the tan Cerakote Gatorz for work. I figured the black Magnum’s might scratch (they haven’t, I’ve worn them time and time again at work) and in all honesty, I wanted to be 100% “cool guy” and have tan shades. I also wanted to be able to switch things up every now and then if I’m feeling bold and wanted to rock tan shades out in public. The Cerakote shades have been perfect for using personal watercraft (aka jetski’s), they’ve been perfect at the range when doing weapons training, and they have been perfect in public in general. They stay cooler than the traditional black shades due to them being a lighter color and that G on the side really pops out. I have them ‘smoked out’ and I run them during cloudy and sunny days. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on my Cerakote Gatorz while I’m oversea’s. From foreign military to civilian’s, everybody wants a pair of Cerakote Gatorz – even the people that already have a pair want another pair.

Cerakoted Gatorz Magnum's: Durability and Performance
Gatorz are always with me. I’m usually wearing an Arcteryx Jacket or shirt, Multicam Pants and Gatorz at work.

These days I’m working on the side as a weapons instructor for those guys that don’t exist if you catch my drift and even they comment on Cerakote Gatorz. “Dude I thought Gatorz were only in Black”. That’s a strong negative. They come in OD Green, Black Multicam, Tan and honestly just about every other color.

With Christmas right around the corner, I ended up purchasing a pair for my Dad. He’s a Maui Jim fan, but I think I can convert him to Gatorz! Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of Cerakote Gatorz for your loved ones. They will appreciate it!

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