Within the Military and Law Enforcement world there are three kinds of people. There are those who have no choice in eye wear, those who wear Oakley sunglasses and those who wear Gatorz sunglasses. I’ve previously done an initial impressions review on the Gatorz Magnums. It’s no secret among my friends that I look stupid while wearing Oakley’s, for whatever reason the frames don’t fit my face well. This is one of the many reasons that I like Gatorz.

Cerakote Wraptor by Gatorz: Looking Cool Matters

Gatorz are all made from 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum which allows for a customized fit to your face. These glasses are extremely tough and have taken some hits that I’m sure would have wrecked other brands. There are downsides to a metal frame. If left unattended in direct sunlight they become extremely hot. If you have left your sunglasses in direct sunlight while not being worn on your head, squirt a little water on them from your Camelbak and they’ll cool right down. Gatorz feature brilliantly clear lenses that are impact and scratch resistant. Besides all of these features, they sport the standard 100% UV protection you’ve come to expect from modern lenses.

Cerakote Wraptor by Gatorz: Looking Cool Matters

What’s changed with the Cerakote model is of course, the coating. The standard coating on Gatorz isn’t bad, but it definitely wears over time. What Cerakote offers is extreme durability and abrasion resistance. All necessary attributes when looking for a piece of protective eyewear for professional and duty use. I’ve found in my short time using the Cerakote Wraptor that the finish withstands hits and bumps much more so than the older models. Further, it withstands bumps and abrasion much better than many polymer framed glasses which tend to get gouged on the frame during this type of activity. The thinner height of the Wraptor fits my face better than the Magnums. The Cerakote also cuts down on reflection and glare off of the frames. While it may not seem like a huge deal as you have giant lenses in the front that reflect light, it does cut down on the overall reflective signature of the frames and is a welcome addition.

Finally, a great reason to have the tan Cerakoted Wraptors is that they flat-out look cool. The normal black Gatorz looked stylish, but the thin tan metal frames of the Gatorz will literally make your hair look PJ-esque. These glasses are sick. I love the standard Gatorz but I much prefer the Cerakoted ones after trying a pair out. You won’t be disappointed if you buy yourself a pair, as my experience has been that Gatorz last a very long time.

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