As 2015 rolls along, we have some great new content in the chamber as this week ramps up for both SHOT show and the Outdoor Retailer winter market. We will have representation at both trade shows to give you a glimpse of the latest and greatest for 2015. There will be more to come on both shows in the coming weeks.

Monday mornings at 0700 EST will introduce and follow our drinking stories and alcohol review series. We hope to liven up your mornings with some debauchery and give some insightful reviews into the world of tasty beverages.

There is a new series that started last week called “Think Like a Green Beret,” which will be available every Wednesday morning at 0700 EST. If you missed last week’s article on teamwork, look to The Loadout Room for a brief history lesson and motivation for your next project.

If you weren’t aware, or happened to miss the new Reaper Tips series, check out the first two installments discussing cold bore vs. cold shooter and the most recent article concerning spin drift and the Coriolis effect. The Reaper Tips series will be published every Friday at 0700 EST.


We start the week off with part II of Jack Daniels and a Rangers Road Trip. Dive into some of the best content from the bottom of the bottle. Speaking of bottles, we will be reviewing the MSR Alpine Bottle and its many ways to drink and filter water.

Last week covered a great trigger addition to the Ruger 10/22—we will be covering another great upgrade with the Tech Sights 10/22 Adjustable Aperture Sights. Not only will these sights blow the stock Ruger sights out of the water, but they won’t force you to take out another mortgage on the house.

If you are looking for a super light insulation layer that is capable of keeping the elements at bay while taking up minimal room inside your assault pack or backpack, we will be showing you the Outdoor Research Cathode Hooded Jacket.

Later in the week, we will review the VG6 Precision Epsilon 556. From Mark, the reviewer:

I love the muzzle brake. I love the way guns that have them shoot, but the overpressure, flash enhancement, and noise they generate make them tactically unsound and impolite. Enter the VG6 EPSILON 556 combination muzzle brake and flash hider. The magicians at VG6 have reduced recoil and blast, making them fast-shooting, yet subtle.

These are only a few of the articles we will bring you in the coming week. Please stay tuned to The Loadout Room for top-of-the-line reviews and tips in the outdoor, shooting, and survival world.

Spent Casings

I know the following video is fairly old, but I think its a perfect representation of guys who don’t make excuses about gear and care more about commitment. And yes, they are a little off their rockers.

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