Here at The Loadout Room, we hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season and had the opportunity to spend time with friends and/or family. We are very excited for the upcoming year and have some great content in store for the website.

Every Sunday we will update you on upcoming content or what is “In the Chamber” for the week. If you happened to miss our update article The Loadout Room 2015: Into the Breach, you may be unaware of some new series for 2015.

Friday January 2nd was the beginning of our ‘Reaper Tips’ series and covered an interesting argument between the concept of cold bore and the cold shooter.


This week will see the start of our drinking stories/alcohol reviews. You will be given part one of ‘Jack Daniels and a Ranger’s Road Trip’ which is a glimpse into a wild trip to Panama City Beach, FL.

We introduce a new product from American Grip that we believe will become a staple among all AR and picatinny rail capable weapons. Part 1 of a series on water discusses where to find potable water in a prepping/survival situation.

We’ll take a quick look at the new GoPro HERO4 Silver and give you a first impression of a simple, yet very effective trigger upgrade for the Ruger 10/22.

The second installment of ‘Reaper Tips’ will discuss the highly controversial precision shooting concepts of spin drift and the coriolis effect — when, where, and should it be taken into account?

This is just a small look into the new content for the week and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Thank you for making the Loadout Room your place for reviews and tips — please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Spent Casings

For those of you heading out into the backcountry this year, I will leave you with this short video showing the benefits of an avalanche airbag.

Look for a full review of ABS backpacks in the near future.

We at The Loadout Room wish you a happy, prosperous, and adventure filled 2015.