When we have a piece of gear that serves us well during a critical moment, many of us tend to stick with it for a long time.  During my military service as well as a few hunting trips, my issued bipod was reliable.  So reliable in fact, I haven’t kept up on the latest in the bipod market.  I’ve been stuck with 2002’s cutting edge technology and it finally caught up to me.  While on a grizzly hunt in Alaska, my bipod explosively disassembled itself and I was left looking at a $90 replacement.  I wasn’t sure if buying a direct replacement best suited my needs.

Luckily I came across the Champion Pivot Traverse bipod.  With a street price of $49.99 it is certainly a less expensive option than the old warhorse it’s replacing.

Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod

Opening up the mailbox, I found model number 40635 waiting for me.  With 6″-9″ adjustable legs and a sling swivel mount, it closely resembles the other guy it’s replacing.  I mounted it onto “Dr. Green” and got into a few different shooting positions.  The Pivot Traverse bipod is well built I can see already.  I’m really enjoying the lever lock on the back of the bipod’s body.  Unlock freedom of movement by flipping it counter-clockwise and I’m able to cant the rifle for shooting on uneven terrain or traverse left and right.  Another quick flip of the lever and movement is locked down tight.  This is one solid shooting platform.  I can see both the cant and the traverse improving my shooting positions.  Often in the woods, the log or branch you want to rest your rifle on is neither perfectly parallel nor perpendicular to the target.  Being able to have both bipod legs solidly on a stable object while pivoting, traversing and locking down your rifle is key to getting into an ergonomic shooting position.

So far this looks and feels more like a high dollar item than a mid-range option.