It’s easy to get bored or in a rut with your workout routine. I like to change things up every once in a while to keep things fresh. I’m a big fan of body weight exercises in conjunction with some type of cardio, whether that is swimming, running, rucking or biking. I’ve been doing the Violent Nomad Workout for a few months now and wanted to incorporate something different. Some of you have probably already heard of using a deck of playing cards to determine what exercise to do and how many reps of each. The reps of each are determined by the number of the card. Be sure to shuffle the deck of cards thoroughly or you’ll end up doing the same exercise over and over and over. Once you make it through the deck of cards you’re done!

  • Hearts = push-ups or benchpress
  • Diamonds = kettlebell swings
  • Spades = sit-ups
  • Clubs = squats
  • Jack – 10 reps
  • Queen – 10 reps
  • King – 10 reps
  • Ace – 12 reps
  • Joker – 1-minute rest or whatever you want to make it

The Joker is a wildcard, so make it whatever you’d like. When the weather breaks and I start doing this workout outside, I’m thinking of making the joker a 1/2 mile run.