Gun nuts who love the reliability and simplicity of the AK platform have long cherished the Saiga 12 and VEPR 12 shotguns.  The reason is simple.  A magazine-fed semi-auto shotgun is possibly the most versatile tool one could have in their arsenal.

You don’t need to be a fan of YouTuber TaoFledermaus to appreciate the versatility of the 12-gauge shotgun.  If it fits in the hull it can be fired.  Over the years all kinds of devious loads have been developed for application-specific roles such as flechette rounds for cutting through foliage, or the more modern OATH Tango slug that opens to about 3″ in diameter within eight inches of penetration.  Fill a magazine with slugs and you’ve got yourself a very large rifle.

Unfortunately sanctions on Russian-made arms cut off supply of Saigas in 2014 and more recently their Vepr cousins from Molot.  Thankfully David Fillers of SDS Imports has a solution to effectively cheat those sanctions; the Cheetah-12.  The “cheat” is Chinese made, which is music to the ears of any AK fan.  Chinese AKs are respected by some just as much as Russian models.

Here are the build specs directly from the SDS Imports website:

Hammer forged bolt for increased strength and long life.
Any Saiga 12 style magazine is compatible.
Chrome lined 19” barrel, 3” chamber.
Left side charging handle.
Bolt hold open button.
Adjustable rear sight with a fiber optic front sight.
Any aftermarket AK pistol grip will fit.
The fixed stock can be removed and an AR buffer tube attached so that an AR collapsible stock can be added easily.  (922r applies)
Reversible rear sling loop initially set up for right hand shooters and can be switched to left side.
AR15 style ambidextrous selectors, one is longer than the other and they can be switched to either side to suit the shooter.
Removable FCG cartridge.
Barrel threaded for Saiga style compensators.
Front forearm can be replaced with Saiga rails and aftermarket forearms.
Four position gas system.  Off, Low, Medium and High.
Comes with one year manufacturer warranty for defects and workmanship.

For a closer look see the tabletop video below.