You’ll see a lot of different companies offering riggers belts on the market. For those who are unfamiliar with them, these shouldn’t be confused with trouser web belts. Basic trouser web belts are made of nylon webbing and have a simple buckle although some do come with a traditional locking metal roller buckle such as those on the military box-frame buckles. You don’t have to have a rigger’s belt for rappelling if you are going to use a rigger’s harness. The belt adds another layer of safety. However, they’re cool looking belts to have if .  Some use riggers belts for work-related matters and others like the ‘cool-guy’ factor the belts give you.

Web Belt, $5.00-$10.00

They come in a variety of colors but can be purchased in the traditional OD Green, Black and Desert Tan. They’re great for wearing with ACU’s, BDu’s etc or blue jeans. But do not use them for tactical tasks! You can walk around town carrying a concealed weapon and light holster tucked under your shirt, but I don’t recommend them for much more than that as the belt can loosen and your pants may sag. Nothing worse than losing your weapon because your pants fell down!

Unless they have some type of hook & loop fastener (such as Velcro, 3M, Duragrip) or a locking mechanism I recommend you don’t carry a holster or pouches on it. It may be too heavy for the task, and awkward when you’re sprinting. If you want to wear them with a standard holster or drop leg-holster, try a riggers belt, duty belt or box-frame buckle with a prong and holes.

Now, if you’re going with a rigger’s belt, this type of belt is very ideal for variety of things such as rappelling, or just for everyday carry ‘cool guy’ looks. The ‘V’ or ‘D’ Ring accepts any carabiner. If you do intend to use it for something like rappelling, for safety reasons, please check the manufacturers specifications to insure your choice of belt meets high standards. Lots of companies out there, like Blackhawk, and S.O.E offer rigger’s belts.

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