Choosing a gift for a teenage son can be a daunting task. New fads are in constant flux, and keeping up with the general fickleness of a teenager is almost impossible. More often than not, gifts are no longer a surprise. Kids give their parents a list of items that they want for Christmas and the parents choose one or several of those items that they deem a fit for their child or are within the family budget. Step outside of that paradigm and surprise your son with a gift they never saw coming. The Loadout Room has selected five items we believe most sons would love to read, carry, shoot, headbang to, and shred on.

Violence of Action: Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror” — $31

If your teenage son has ever hinted at entering military service or just loves to read about America’s heroes and history, “Violence of Action” is a gift that will bring the realities of war in full beaming truth. The book is a compilation and chronological masterpiece spanning a decade of the 75th Ranger Regiment’s war on terror. This is not a comprehensive book of every battle that the 75th fought, but a homage to emotion, determination, and brotherhood shared between these great men.

“Violence of Action: Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror” can be purchased on

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SOG Vulcan Mini — $82

Typically, when you get a knife with the word “mini” in the name, you get a product that is too small in the hand and has no heft to it. Not the case with this blade. I have medium-sized hands and the handle is long enough for a full four-finger grip. The width of the handle also aids in the grip by giving you more surface area.

The SOG Mini Vulcan is built like a tank! The liners are solid stainless steel; there is no skeletonizing to save weight, which I like. I prefer the extra weight and durability because it gives me confidence knowing I can push this knife to greater extremes than most other folding knives, and it will still perform. Well done SOG! Give a gift that will stand by your son for years to come.

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KWA KM4 RIS — $330

The  KWA KM4 RIS airsoft rifle is high-quality aluminum alloy and polymer AEG (automatic electric gun) capable of destroying the competition or plinking targets in the woods. If your son has ever held an interest in MilSim battles or wants an upgrade to his current airsoft arsenal, this gift will make one happy shooter.

This rifle also serves as a safe and effective tool for the son who loves to shoot guns, but doesn’t have access to a range on a regular basis. Practicing with a replica rifle such as the KWA KM4 RIS allows your young shooter to fine tune the four fundamentals of marksmanship. Be warned: After too much practice, he may be teaching you a thing or two.

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Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones — $300

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If you have a son with a passion for music, this gift will accentuate the bass and clarity of their passion. The Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones allow the user to move freely while keeping their phone in-pocket. The bluetooth capability reaches up to 30 feet, and the headphones will hold a 12-hour charge—the power pumped in via a built-in USB port. These headphones also allow the user to receive calls through the bluetooth feature and built-in microphone. If you have a son who is always on the move and you want to give them the gift of wireless mobility, these headphones sit at the top of the charts. You might even find yourself borrowing them from time to time.

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On-One “Fun Fatty” Fat Bike — $1,300

For the son that loves to ride, regardless of weather conditions, this bike may be the perfect fit. Original “Fat Bikes” were designed to ride in snow, mud, and sand. This bike is no exception, but is built on a smaller frame with 24″ wheels that add quickness and agility whether on single track, rock gardens, or at the local bike park. This bike is not only for small-frame riders, as you can see in this video, but for adults as well. The 4″-wide tires add enough cushion to eliminate the need for suspension—even on jumps and drops. This is a gift that will give your son endless fun, no matter the riding conditions.

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