Like many of you, I’ve had my fair share of foreign and domestic travel. The world is on edge today with the anticipation of another terrorist attack. Even in the most hostile environments, you can make yourself a very difficult and less attractive target by applying simple preventive security measures. Terrorists and criminals will always conduct surveillance of their intended target. If your preventive procedures are good, they will most likely opt for an easier victim.

I’ll give you one measure I used in South America as a CIA operative. Bogota, Colombia is known as the kidnapping and robbery capital of the world. A few tricks I used there were sewing a handcuff key in my waistband and carrying a robbery wallet. I bought a cheap wallet and filled it with all those generic credit cards you get in the mail. I tossed a small denomination of local currency inside along with some old photos. If I was held up, I would toss the wallet and run, forcing the mugger to choose between me and the score.

This article will provide you some fundamentals on how to keep a low profile while traveling so you can live to fight another day. You will need to use common sense, be disciplined, and always think worst case. When you apply these measures, you’ll present a harder target.

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