“El Malo” means “The Bad One” in Spanish, but this classic pistol is nothing but good.  Cimarron imports 1873 Colt reproductions from Italy and includes a few twists to make them more fun.  Models include several movie guns.  Ever envy Doc Holiday’s pistol or shotgun?  Cimarron makes one complete with his name engraved.  “El Malo” features an octoganal barrel, and our example was chambered in the famous .45 Colt, sometimes incorrectly called, “.45 Long Colt”


Go ahead, stare at it.

Reloads are slow, and the sights are minimal, but it’s a fun gun to shoot, and isn’t it about time we all had something fun to shoot?  Beautiful color-case hardening and nicely polished surfaces make El Malo a beautiful piece to have on display and then take with you to the range when a friend asks about that old cowboy gun hanging on the wall.

Another surprise is the MSRP.  For about $550, far less than the cost of an original, you can relive the action of the old west without fear that you’re degrading a relic that may be about to blow up in your hand.  .45 Colt ammunition is not the least expensive round out there, but considering that loading and unloading happens one round at a time you may find that a box is more than enough for a fun range session.  Specialty loads like Bone Collector from Taylor’s & Co even offer a little extra smoke for that movie-like effect.  So what does it look like when modern defensive hand-gunners get a hold of “El Malo”?