We’ve been enjoying trying out some classic “cowboy guns“.  The trigger pull on a 1873 Colt-style single-action is really something that any trigger puller should experience.  It’s amazing.  Short, crisp, and light and in our experience next to no travel.  It just breaks.  A true joy for those who like to get worked up over such things, and perhaps an experience that will make Glockophiles cry.

One factor that somewhat relegates these fun guns to the fun category is the caliber.  .45 Colt (often mistakenly called “.45 Long Colt”).  .45 Colt performs slightly softer than .45acp.  Before we start a caliber fight let’s remember that revolvers lose a little velocity thanks to the gap between the cylinder and the forcing cone.  .45acp and .45 Colt need all the speed they can get.  .45 Colt is also a relatively expensive round to shoot and not many defensive rounds are available in that caliber.  One solution to bring some more practicality into revolvers is to chamber it for magnum rounds and that’s what our Pistolero from Cimmaron has.

The build specs on Cimarron’s product web page are a bit light in description of the Pistolero, but c’mon, it’s an 1873!  You know it’ll be heavy and hold 5 rounds.  Finish, caliber, and barrel length are all that really matters!  We’ll get it out to the range soon.  These are the same folks that brought us the “El Malo” previously so we expect good things.