One part of concealed carry that trips up a lot of people is clearing your cover garment from the gun. It can get caught up on the butt of your gun, you can grab a hand-full of cover garment as you’re drawing, or cover can block your draw all together.

Today, I’ve got a video from Beau Doboszenski on 3 different techniques for clearing cover. The rake, double rake, and single hand.

In an ideal world, you’d only need one.  I my world, where reality gets in the way and temperatures range from below zero to over 100, I need all 3.


Beau, Larry and the cadre of instructors from the Navy, Marines, and Army went on a multi-year quest to scientifically test and validate the effectiveness of different techniques.

They ran 140 classes per month for 3+ years in what could affectionately be called a “stress shooting lab.”

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by Mike Ox

Mike Ox is an avid defensive and competitive shooter who has co-created several firearms training products, including Dry Fire Training Cards,

Dry Fire Fit, 21 Day Alpha Shooter, and See Faster, Shoot Faster.  His brain based training focuses on accelerated learning techniques for shooting as well as controlling brain state and brain chemistry for optimal performance in extreme stress situations.  Learn more about dynamic dry fire training for defense and competition at