There is really a lot say about climbing ropes – more than you might think and make a good use of – that is why we decided to tell you everything about everything you need to know about climbing ropes. We will also teach you how to choose a solid good climbing rope for rock climbing and tree climbing, along with presenting different types of climbing ropes and products.

Although climbing ropes can appear as not as interesting story with layers, there are lots of points that need to be covered and learned before you are able to find and purchase the perfect rope for you – we are covering all the details for rope climbing, so you would be safe and able to find a rope that will match your personal needs.

First, you should know that there are two different types of climbing ropes (Dynamic and Static) and each serves its own purpose in a various number of  situations. Once you learn what each of those two types represents, you will know which one is the best for you based on your personal preferences.

Static climbing rope

Static rope, as you might have already realized, is a type of rope designed not to stretch under the pressure of load.

This makes it less useful in climbing a rock, but there are lots of situations where static rope is used, like:

  • Rappelling – climbers use static rope to foot down the rock safely. Because static rope has zero or a very low level of stretching, climbers can control where they land while climbing down the rock, thus reducing the possibility of getting injured.
  • Rescuing – the static rope is amazing during rescue missions, so you might want to have one of these if you are a rock climber.
  • Caving, hanging, and hauling.

If you want to buy a decent static rope that will assist you during rappelling, we recommend some of the products below.

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