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Cloud Defensive LCS MK1/ICC Review
50 Shades of FDE

When I got my Surefire Mini Scout kit last year, I wanted a better solution to mount the ST07 momentary tape switch than the included velcro tape. The velcro tape works well in some configurations, but leaves the switch exposed and the excess wire gets caught on everything from your gear to environmental obstacles. I did a Google each and only found low quality mounting solutions.

Cloud Defensive LCS MK1/ICC Review

I ended up buying an entirely new dual switch from Surefire, the SR07 momentary/constant on switch that clips onto any picatinny rail. Just recently, I found a perfect mounting solution for the ST07 tape switch from a new company, Cloud Defensive LLC. I got in contact with Sean, the owner, and ordered one of his LCS (Light Control System) with ICC (Integrated Cable Clamp). He already knew I’d want some shade of FDE so he sent me the first one in Burnt Bronze. I got the LCS and ICC a few days later. Inside the box were several little zip lock bags with the LCS, ICC, four screws and instructions.

Cloud Defensive LCS MK1/ICC Review

Both the LCS and ICC were machined well with no sharp edges and the burnt bronze finish was nicely done. The LCS MK1 is a one-piece part machined out of aluminum in order to have a strong, light, low-profile mounting solution. The ICC is an optional piece that attaches to either side of the LCS with two small screws.

To install the LCS MK1, it’s recommended that you use non-petroleum based lube on the ST07 tape switch and slide it into the LCS. It’s a very tight fit and with some effort, it gets in snug.

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