If bigger is better is your mantra then CMMG has the rifle for you. The CMMG Anvil is a 458 Socom AR style rifle designed to do whatever you need 600 grains of ass kickery to do. This massive rifle isn’t quite a AR 15 or quite a AR 10. This is something entirely different. It’s a hybrid if you will. This particular model is the CMMG MkW-15 XBE 458 SOCOM SBN, Anvil. If that’s not a mouth full, I don’t know what is. There are three models of the Anvil. One with more or less standard old school furniture, this model with Magpul furniture, and finally one with Magpul furniture and Geiselle trigger. This CMMG 458 Socom is a beat of a rifle, that seems to be well made and well designed.

Specs of the CMMG 458

Barrel Length – 16.1 inches with Medium taper barrel
Overall Length – 33.5 inches
Weight – 7.5 pounds
Capacity – 10 rounds
Magazines – Ships with two CMMG Modified Lancer Magazines

The CMMG 458 sports a KeyMod Handguard but you can upgrade to an M-LOK model directly from CMMG for only 25 bucks. The gun ships with no sights, and a standard charging handle. This isn’t a cheap gun, and I would have liked to have seen some sights tossed in at the price range.

The gun rocks a monumental muzzle brake, known as the CMMG SV brake. It’s a nice touch and looks to be built like a tank. I love Lancer magazines and thought it was a great idea to include two with the gun. The lower receiver will accept any AR 15 magazine, but these particular metal lipped magazines have been modified to increase reliability. I will undoubtedly be testing some additional magazines from our favorite brands.

One Beefy Rifle

The CMMG 458 Socom is a beefy rifle. The receivers, the barrel, and especially the bolt are fat bottom girls. What’s surprising is how light the gun is. At only 7.5 pounds it’s quite comfortable. The Magpul stock and pistol grip are nice touches. The full-length KeyMod handguard allows a long grip if you’re a C-Clamp fan and it’s thin overall for a comfortable grip regardless of style.

The magazine well is massive too. The magwell is massive which will make for easy speed reloads on the fly. Kind of a must have if you are only rocking ten rounds. I like CMMG’s products and find their designs to be forward thinking, so I’m looking forward to getting out to the range with this bad boy and finding some fun targets to destroy. Stay tuned to see what the CMMG 458 Anvil can and will do.