The .458 SOCOM round has been around for a while but never really gained much popularity.  This is largely in part to it’s reputation for breaking guns.  Like the 10mm in it’s early days modified existing platforms couldn’t take the punishment.  The .458 SOCOM hasn’t been tamed, but CMMG has built a rifle that runs it.

“The round suited for stopping an intruder. In your neighbor’s house.  Behind a refrigerator.”  Watch as YouTube’s Alabama Arsenal takes down a cinder-block wall using CMMG’s ANVIL in .458 SOCOM.  For the impatient ones this link jumps right to the destruction:

Alabama Arsenal on YouTube got one in for testing.  Ballistically similar to the venerable 45-70, .458 SOCOM is suitable for bringing down large game or walls.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  By using CMMG’s Mid-size platform (the same one used for their MUTANT) CMMG was able to keep the size and weight appropriate for the cartridge without turning the gun into something that requires a horse-drawn carriage to transport.  Specs for the ANVIL can be seen below as taken from the product web page.

“MkW ANVIL is a new platform for 2016, combining, the strength of the MUTANT mid-size platform and our POWERBOLT technology, with the ballistic energy of the 458 SOCOM. The MkW features the CMMG mid-sized receivers based on our Mk3 platform carved from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. The MkW was engineered to harness the full potential of the 458 SOCOM cartridge utilizing the POWERBOLT technology based off our Mk3. Unique MkW lower receiver readily accepts all standard AR15 magazines. Every MkW XBE rifle comes equipped with an SLR adjustable gas block to allow for tailoring your rifle to the round you choose to unleash, CMMG-modified LANCER L5-AWM magazine, Magpul furniture and CMMG’s lifetime quality guarantee.”

BARREL: 16.1” 1:14 Twist, Medium Taper 416SS SBN Barrel
MUZZLE: CMMG SV Brake, Threaded 5/8 – 32
FURNITURE: Magpul MOE Pistol Grip, CTR carbine stock with 6-pos mil-spec receiver extension
RECEIVERS: Billet 7075-T6 AL, Mid-Size MUTANT Platform
TRIGGER: CMMG Single Stage Mil-Spec style trigger
GAS PORT LOCATION: Carbine with SLR adjustable gas block

To learn more about the .458 SOCOM or CMMG ANVIL check out the company’s website or go back and watch the rest of Alabam Arsenal’s video.