Want to shoot 9mm from your AR with out a dedicated 9mm lower or an expensive magazine adapter? The CMMG 9 ARC magazine converts your CMMG Banshee or Resolute radial delayed blowback upper into a 9mm AR with an AR lower into a 9mm firearm.

Got SBR? Full Auto? Now you have radial delayed blowback 9mm gun with the same ATF paperwork. What is so special about radial delayed blowback? Less recoil force for faster shots and less wear and tear.

The 9 ARC is only for CMMG Banshee and Guard radial delayed blowback models.

  • Functional magazine! No magwell adapter needed!
  • Keep your standard 5.56 Multi Caliber lower receiver!
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • No tools required.
  • Keep your muscle-memory reload-training the same between calibers! Same magazine, same draw, same feel.
  • No learning curve when reloading because it is the same magazine you already use!
  • Use most of your PMAGⓇ accessories: i.e. mag pouches, storage racks, decals, caliber indicators, etc.
  • Not a picky eater. Shoots all 9mm bullets, even hollow points.

These babies are so new, you can’t buy them until the 23rd of April. Want your very own ARC magazines? Look for them at cmmginc.com

Complete mag is $44.95, just the insert for your P-mag is $29.95.

Photo by Mark Miller