The Cobra 2 Tactical Marine is an interesting shotgun. Let’s go ahead and get the Marine finish out of the way because it makes the gun stand out. Marine shotguns are so named for their saltwater resistant finish. This finish also gives the weapon its unique silver look. This eye-catching finish is lovely on the Cobra 2 Marine. It’s also useful, especially if you live off the coast as I do. I live less than a mile from the ocean, so I get hit with plenty of salt-laced air. The Marine finish held up and not a spot of rust ever appeared while testing this gun. I have to bust rust off Mossbergs, Remingtons, and more, but nothing off the Cobra 2 Tactical Marine.


Caliber – 12 Gauge
Barrel Length – 18.5 inches
Action – Pump with Spring Assist
Chamber – 3 Inches
MSRP – $289.00

Spring Assisted Pump?

I mentioned this in my first look, but it bears some mentioning after I’ve given it some heavy testing and have formed some opinions on it. A spring assisted pump means that when you rack the pump rearward a spring will propel it forward. If you don’t like this feature, you can take it out in about 2 minutes and have a regular pump action.

After using the spring assisted pump for the majority of this review I can say it does offer the shooter a few pros and some cons.


It’s straightforward to blast 5+1 rounds of buckshot out of this gun in a very rapid manner. Once you learn to work with the spring assisted action you can pump and dump very fast.

It’s also easy to pump the gun when shooting around corners and in odd positions. That little assistance lets you know the bolt closed.  The spring is sufficiently robust to pick up a round and lock the breech by itself. If you were injured, this could be another feature that helps you manipulate the gun.


Since the spring is pushing the pump forward, you can’t hold the action opened. This forward action makes emergency speed reloads impossible without a third hand.


The ergonomics are solid with a straightforward shotgun layout. The pump release is effortless to reach with the trigger finger. It overlaps the trigger guard and is conveniently placed. The safety is the standard push-button design that’s situated right behind the trigger. It’s easy to reach and use.

The length of pull is pretty standard and will accommodate most shooters. The rubber recoil pad is a nice touch, as is the included sling swivels. The pump also sports a short Picatinny rail incorporated into the pump, which is perfect for a light. These little features make a big difference to me, and I appreciate Tri-Star for integrating them into the Cobra 2.

I appreciate the design of the pump too. It’s about a 1/3rd longer than most shotgun pumps and is placed much closer to the receiver.

See how far I don’t have to reach!

This allows people with shorter arms to reach and pump the action. If you have short arms this is the shotgun for you.

Notice how much further I have to reach on the Remington.

On the Range with the Cobra Tac 2

Instead of just having the same bead every other shotgun comes with the Cobra 2 comes with a rifle style blade sight. It’s easy to see and incredibly convenient. A very nice touch that makes shooting the Cobra 2 a little easier. With the Marine finish its a necessity. A shiny bead on a bright finish may make it hard to see effectively.

Check out the Difference in Pumps

Testing was done with a variety of ammo. This includes low brass birdshot, the old Federal Wally World special. On top of that a little bit of Federal Tactical LE Low recoil buckshot. The Cobra Tac 2 cycled it all, and I never ran into any issues there.

The gun is a lightweight 6.2 pounds, but recoil was quite tame, even with standard buckshot. The gun handles well and feels solid. The integrated recoil pad keeps it from being a shoulder bruiser. The weapon takes Beretta chokes and comes with a cylinder choke. With the Federal Flite Control ammo, I could back off to 50 yards and ring my little steel popper from ShootSteel.

The action is very smooth and is best felt without the return spring being present. It glides forward and rearward smoothly without grit or stall.

The Cobra 2 Marine Tactical keeps things simple, and I appreciate that. They dig into the basics of what a shotgun should be and deliver that. The addition of a real front sight, sling swivels, the acceptance of common chokes, and the affordable price makes it a great value. You don’t always need some new feature dubbed ‘revolutionary,’ sometimes you need a gun with a little common sense and a great price. I think the Cobra Tac 2 delivers that.