Choosing a Mini knife for the mariner, outdoorsman or hunter is difficult. I am fortunate to work as a bosun on a research vessel and I deal with a multitude of different types of ropes and lines in a variety of sizes. For mariners, knives are an extremely important part of kit, small and compact preferred.  Ideally, having a serrated edge on your blade is usually the norm, but I was asked to try out the Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter knife and see how it measured. All in all, not a bad piece of steel. The quality and durability are superb. It kept its edge after cutting a few nylon/cotton lines. The mini hunter comes light, only weighing 2oz. The size is, for me, about the right size,   a 3-inch blade and a 3 and five-eighths Long Kray-Ex handle. The sheath is made by Secure-ex, tough and rugged. What I did especially like about is the steel that makes up the blade. 3mm VG-1 stainless cut well and keeps its edge,  combined with the sheath it is easily concealable. Overall this little blade is an asset to any go bag or EDC.

Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter | Quick look
Mini Hunter Sea Trials

Courtesy of Cold Steel

The Mini Hunter is an indispensable tool that makes a perfect addition to any hunting pack or survival kit, while being innocuous enough to wear on your hip without drawing unwanted attention.

*Photos courtesy of the author